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ENERGY STAR® Appliance & Central A/C Rebate

Receive energy credits for new ENERGY STAR® rated appliances (limit of 2 rebates per appliance type):

$150 for central air conditioning unit

$100 for refrigerator/freezer combos

$100 for standalone freezers

Mid-Ohio Energy is offering rebates to any residential co-op members who replace their existing refrigerators or stand-alone freezers with a new ENERGY STAR®-certified appliance. See program requirements below or contact us for more information. 


  1. Refrigerators, standalone freezers, and central a/c units must be new and ENERGY STAR® rated.  See for current specifications.
  2. Member must be able to provide proof of ENERGY STAR® certification.
  3. Cooperative must verify through purchase receipt that new appliance was purchased and installed at the member's location.
  4. Refrigerator and/or freezer units must be sized according to cubic feet and meet size requirements to be eligible
    • New ENERGY STAR® refrigerators sized 10-30 cubic feet are eligible.
    • New ENERGY STAR® standalone freezers sized 10-30 cubic feet are eligible.
  5. Central air conditioning units must have a load management switch installed by the unit's HVAC contractor.
    • Load management switches are provided by Mid-Ohio Energy at no cost.
    • Mid-Ohio Energy will inspect the switch after installation.




CONTACT OUR OFFICES for additional rebate submission options.


All rebates are issued in the form of a credit to the member’s electric account. A maximum of two rebates per appliance type (two refrigerators / two freezers / two central a/c units), may be paid per residential member home during the current program year running through June 30, 2020.



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