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Home Energy Audits


Infrared Camera imageMid-Ohio Energy offers home energy audits to help members improve the energy efficiency and comfort of their homes. The energy audit program uses tests and walkthroughs designed to educate members and provide an in-depth look at the way a home uses energy.

Mid-Ohio Energy can tailor our energy advising to fit your specific needs and/or concerns. Free consultaion / walkthrough audits are available-- just give us a call.

For full comprehensive energy audit, see the below details:

A comprehensive home energy audit is just $50 (this cost is fully reimbursable back to member with proof of any efficient purchases or upgrades). Each audit may include: 

  • Blower door test
  • Infrared camera
  • Full home walkthrough
  • Detailed report of recommendations and energy solutions

Upon arrival, cooperative representatives will talk with the member to answer questions and find areas of interest. After verifying that the home is prepared, the co-op rep will set up the blower door and fan in an exterior doorway. The fan will then depressurize the house and take readings on the home’s air tightness. An energy audit walkthrough will be conducted throughout the whole home with the blower door simulating a 20 mph wind on all sides of the house. This test gives members a great look at where air is infiltrating and/or escaping. The cooperative’s infrared camera can be used to track and photograph temperature differences to highlight hidden points that drive up a home’s energy use.

The length of the test will vary from home to home, but is expected to last approximately 2-3 hours. Upon completion, members will receive a detailed report and pictures of problem areas, along with recommendations for making these areas more efficient. For additional details, view our pre-inspection sheet.


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