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SAVE TIME, WIN MONEY!? Enroll in auto-pay, paperless billing

Auto-pay and paperless billing aren’t new offerings from the cooperative. However, these are two quick and often-overlooked ways to simplify management of your account.

Enrolling is easy. Just call or stop by our offices and one of our member service representatives can enroll you in either—or both—option(s). Start the process online at

Bills mailed to members in February will also include an insert reminding members of these programs. Members can fill out this insert and return with the bill to begin enrollment.

As an added bonus, any member who signs up auto-pay or paperless billing between now and March 31 will be entered in a drawing to win bonus energy credits of $200, $100, or $50!


With auto-pay all you have to do is enroll and relax. Set your balance to be paid by credit card or checking account.

Your account balance is paid automatically on the due date. Never worry about late fees or setting time aside to make a payment. You will continue to receive billing statements each month. Confirmation that you’re enrolled in the program will be shown at the bottom payment stub portion of your bill.

Paperless billing (e-billing)

Paperless billing (also called e-billing) is a great way to reduce mail clutter and eliminate paper waste.

You’ll also receive your bill notification as soon as the bill is generated. Get bills quick without risk of being lost in the mail shuffle! The electronic copy of your bill will look the same as your printed version with all of the same information.

Upon enrolling in paperless billing, you will receive an email notification each month when bills are generated.

You can still pay using any existing payment options. That includes online or in-office payments. You don’t need a printed copy of the bill to pay in-office. The electronic copy of your bill also provides a convenient means of organizing your statements for record-keeping.



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