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Renewable Energy

Looking for information on renewables? We're here to help! We have a variety of resources available below and/or by contacting our offices. 

Interested in participating or learning more about our community solar offering? Visit Mid-Ohio Energy's OurSolar page.

Click here to learn about the balanced appraoch Mid-Ohio Energy and Ohio's electric cooperatives take when incorporating renewables into our generation mix. 

As your source for energy and information, Mid-Ohio Energy works to stay updated on the changing energy environment — and we stand ready to assist you in making informed decisions.

Residential Solar Installations

When considering any renewable installation, such as solar, it’s important for member-consumers to fully understand the true costs, the operational reality, and actual energy savings. To determine whether an installation is right for your particular location, homeowners should exercise due diligence. Consider these points as you explore options:

  • Is there a large, up-front payment required, or are fees spread out over time?
  • Will the homeowner own or lease the panels?
  • Are there any hidden costs? For example, in a rooftop setup, does the roof need to be replaced before installing the panels?
  • Are there ongoing maintenance fees?
  • Are there rebates or other financial incentives available?
  • Is the estimated energy savings worth the investment?
  • Is it more cost effective to invest in other energy-saving measures?

As you assess options, it is also an excellent time to examine other potential energy efficiency improvements for your home. A more energy-efficient home will help you cut your energy costs immediately, and you’ll also be able to reduce the size of the system you purchase.

If you have any questions regarding renewables, we encourage you to make us your first call. Our staff can answer questions, provide resources, and share information to help you understand how a solar installation will interconnect with Mid-Ohio Energy’s distribution system.


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