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Rate Adjustment Protects Service, Reliability

A $4 service charge adjustment will go into effect for all residential and general service members beginning January 1, 2020. Members will see the new rate on the bill generated in early-February (for energy used between January 1 and January 31).

The service charge is a flat monthly fee charged to all members and is designed to help recover some of the fixed costs of providing power such as meters, poles, wire, and more.

For members in the residential and general service rate classes, the service charge is included in the ‘Distribution’ line of your monthly billing statement. For PrePay metering accounts, the service charge is factored with the account’s daily energy use. The rate all members pay per kilowatt-hour will remain the same.

The upcoming $4 service charge adjustment is necessary to keep Mid-Ohio Energy’s finances healthy so we can continue to make investments in our distribution system and ensure near-perfect reliability for years to come. The increase will also move the monthly service charge closer to the actual cost of providing service, which was determined by a cost-of-service study conducted by an independent third party.

To notify and prepare members for this change, information about the adjustment is shared here on our website, and has been printed in previous editions of the co-op's local pages of Ohio Cooperative Living

For assistance or any questions regarding this adjustment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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