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PrePay FAQs

PrePay Metering - Frequently Asked Questions...

Who is eligible for prepay?

A: Members in class R (residential) or class G (general service) can enroll in the prepaid metering program. Other rate classes can’t participate due to certain
equipment limitations. The following conditions must be verified by the member:

1.) Not an active member of the U.S. military.

2.) Not elderly as defined by the State of Ohio (age 65 or older).

3.) No individual in the household requires life support or other medical necessities requiring uninterrupted electric service.

Will I receive a bill?

A: No, you will no longer receive a monthly bill through the mail or electronically. Members will be able to track electric use and manage their accounts from Mid-Ohio Energy’s online bill payment system. Members will have the option to view and print monthly statements from the site.

Will my rate change?

A: Enrolling in PrePay will not change the rates you pay per kilowatt-hour. A monthly service charge of $ 34.50 (Standard service charge of $32.00 plus $2.50 for In-Home Display unit) is allocated on a  daily basis.

Is there a fee to enroll?

A: Any new member enrolling in prepay must pay a minimum of $50 to activate the account. This amount is applied toward future energy use. For existing members, any deposit held or bill credit will be applied toward any outstanding balance, and the purchase of future energy use. In no case can capital patronage funds be applied to a prepaid account.

What happens if my account runs out of credit?

A: At anytime your account doesn’t have a credit balance, service is subject to disconnection. If service is disconnected, any outstanding balance and the minimum balance must be paid before service is restored. Additional charges may apply for reconnection outside of the co-op’s normal business hours (Mon. - Fri., 8 am to 5 pm).

Can I convert back to a regular billed account?

A: Yes, if a member wishes to convert a PrePay account to a regular billed account, a credit check will be performed to determine if a deposit is required.



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